Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flint Hill Fishing Pics

Some are from Vday weekend and some are from last weekend. This past weekend we went for the annual Jennings fishing trip. This year wasn't as fruitful as the past, but a great time was had by all. Beth came out on Sunday and we walked around the farm working on our "farmer's tan"! Then Sunday night we decided to fry some fish and almost burnt Lindsey's house down. Someone (not mentioning any names here) left the grease on high and didn't check to see how hot it had gotten. Well needless to say we had a little fire on our hands. Luckily we remembered the ole baking soda trick and it put it out. We had start over with new grease and a more watchful eye and the fish fry was a success! Yum Yum.

Lilly loves to fish with her Daddy!


Yes, I am back and embarrassed that it has taken me over a month to post anything. I really want to get better but then I forget or get lazy. Not too much has happened over the last month, but we did find out that we are staying in Birmingham for Residency! YEAH!!! Such a huge relief especially since Sydney will be making her appearance around the time residency begins. I am embarrassed too because Mary Scott got this exciting news on her blog long before I did! I also found out that Elizabeth and Thomas Street (now with Baby Emmett) will be moving here too. I am on the house hunt for them and hope they are close by. Over the past month, we went to Atlanta for Whit's test and visited the Aquarium, and we have been to the farm fishing several times (see photos following). Good times...