Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cookie Monster...or in this case the Sandwich Monster

Whitney loves to play a little game with me and you would think I would have learned my lesson a long time ago. It all started back when we were renovating our house and we didn't have a kitchen. We ate out a lot and leftovers were the next day's lunch. We had gone to Surin and I had most of mine left over so I planned on having it for lunch the next day. I checked the refrigerator to see if the box was still in there before leaving for work stuff the next morning. I was thinking about my Surin for lunch all morning and couldn't wait till I got home. I opened the box and all I found was a piece of garnish! I was SOO mad!! There was nothing else to eat and I had already passed several places on the way home. He thought this was funny and so he started a game with me. So, I learned to check the box for weight before leaving the house. Then he would start putting other things in the box to add weight because I didn't always open the lid to check. His latest attack was last week. I went to Jason's Deli and had 1/2 my sandwich left over. I wrapped in a napkin so the fruit wouldn't make the bread soggy. When I went to eat the other half later, I noticed the box felt about the same and the napkin was still in place. But I was fooled again...see pictures below!!!! He is getting more sneaky!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bday, Anniversary, Medical School Graduation, and Babymoon All In One!

From April 19th to May 14th (May 17th this year!), we have a lot to celebrate. We have our Birthdays and Anniversary within those few weeks. Well, this year we also have Whitney's Medical School Graduation (YEAH!) and a baby on the way (8 weeks or less now!) so we wanted to do a little mini vacation to celebrate. I surprised Whitney with a trip to Barnsley Gardens near Rome, Ga. It was absolutely perfect in so many ways! It was about 3 hours away, quiet, and had lots of fun things to do. Barnsely Gardens doesn't have a hotel...they have cottages! All the rooms are in Cottages so you feel like you are staying in a home. It isn't like a B & B, but more like a duplex. Each cottage looks different and they all have beautiful landscaping. Many of you know, Whitney is very very into fly fishing. Well, BG has an Orvis store onsite and a special pond stocked just for fly fishing. According to Whitney it was "the season of the sunfish" (aka Bluegill Brim). I think he caught 100 fish! They have an old house that was originally built in the 1800's but a tornado nearly destroyed it. Can you imagine having a wedding reception in the old house? Wow! I don't think my pictures will do the place justice. There is also a golf course, spa, pool, tennis courts, croquet, Frisbee golf, and so much more! Oh, and they have an Orvis sporting clays course too. I am already dying to go back!

The remains of the Estate House

Family Cemetery - What a place to be buried!

Frisbee golf course - we didn't get to play but wish we had

On the hiking trail..a king snake! It nearly scared me to death!!

There were two Swans and two geese that were also at the lake

Where the Sunfish live!

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit!

This is the lawn in between the cottages. Croquet anyone?

more cottages

I love a place with Robes!