Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ice Cream

Two of the reasons I will never lose my Baby Weight! Publix has the BEST ice cream. They always have Special Edition Flavors and they never disappoint. The first is "light" but whatever! It doesn't matter when you want to eat as much of it as I do! Coffee Almond Fudge...need I say more. It is delicious. The second is so good I could get sick off of it...Pumpkin Pie. It is sooo creamy and delicious I want to make a Pie with it! So, if you are home alone like I was last night...resist the temptation to go to Publix to buy ice cream. Be a responsible parent and take your child home to bed...I didn't and I came home with two half gallons! Anybody want to go for a LONG walk?

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Mary Scott said...

My mom went all the way to Publix in LaGrange and bought some of the pumpkin ice cream. She said it was worth the drive. (She was really already there and remembered your blog post and went in to buy some!)Anyway, had to tell you that she agrees it is very good!