Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturdays in October

Poor Whitney has been working all the time and this Saturday was no exception. He is at Cooper Green this month and if any of you are familar then you know why I say Poor Whitney. If ou aren't, well it is the indigent/county hospital. I don't mean County as in ER's County Hospital...I mean good ole Jefferson County.
So, Sydney and I had lunch at Maki Fresh with Anne M. Schilleci. It was delicious and the weather was amazing! Sadly, the exact opposite of Whitney's day.
This look on her face is so funny! She wasn't upset but sure looks like it!It is easy to see where she gets her big feet from....Poor thing
Later that afternoon, we met Jennifer, Tate, and Mary Carter Roberston at Homewood Park. It was so pretty!! Sydney adored being outside.

I took these above shots myself so they aren't the best but I hardly have any of the two of us.

I think I was more excited than she was! Scary picture of me!

Friends celebrating Game Day at 3 months...hopefully will be doing it for a lifetime. Mary Carter is almost 3 weeks younger than Sydney. WAR EAGLE!!! GO TIGERS!!!

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