Saturday, October 3, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Sydney Loves Baby Einstein and so do I! I was able to check my email and do a few things while she learned about Neighborhood Animals. She gets tickled when the dogs are on the screen.

Last Weekend, We went to Elizabeth and Thomas' house to eat hamburgers. Anna Cate and Caroline joined us. Emmett is 6 months, Sydney is 3 months, and Caroline is 1 month!

Preciouse Little Girls!

Lilly was ticked off I left her because in the middle of the night she let me know she has been feeling neglected. She got my purse off the chair and spread the contents all over the floor! Then she moved on to Sydney's room. She destroyed several diapers and two bags of wipes! Better start giving the Poo-Head more attention!!

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